The purpose of the AHCCCS Targeted Investments Program (TIP) Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC) is to help interprofessional provider teams meet and exceed Year Four TIP performance measure targets. The QIC consists of providers working together using timely actionable information with a performance management system featuring a peer learning forum to share best practices and disseminate the practical content needed to achieve the TIP performance measure targets.

  • Timely, accurate performance updates on TIP measure performance (in-person kick-off meeting and monthly virtual meetings)
  • Technical assistance, best practices, and peer learning
  • Maximize the opportunity to achieve performance measure targets
  • Total of 16 Continuing Education (CE) credits available for Medical, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work
  • Monthly feedback and best practices
  • Each collaborative consists of 25-35 interprofessional provider teams who participate in the AHCCCS TI Program.
  • A 4-hour in-person kick-off meeting was held in January 2020.
  • Beginning March 2020, monthly 1.5-hour virtual sessions are being held for each collaborative. These virtual QIC sessions include peer learning, status updates on individual and group performance in achieving the performance measure targets and learning from best practices.
  • Prior to each monthly virtual meeting, providers will access their individualized dashboard to view their performance and the TIP aggregated performance metrics. Individual group performance metrics will be confidential.
  • Successful completion of the quality improvement collaborative will occur when interprofessional provider teams meet intended performance achievement, as identified by each individual provider organization.