Year 4 Measures

In TI Program Year Four, milestone incentive payments will be based on performance measures in contrast to the Core Components used in Years Two and Three. Year Four metrics align with various other applications and uses, including the CMS Core Set and Statewide Targeted Investments measures.

AHCCCS TI Program Resources

HEDIS Resources

Providers do not need to be contracted with the plan to access these resources.

Care 1st
  • See 2020 at-a-glance guides for Key Pediatric Measures, Key Behavioral Measures (17 and younger), and Key Behavioral Measures (18 and older) on the general resources page for CPT and ICD-10 codes for all of the TI Program measures

Mercy Care Plan
  • See 2019 HEDIS Billing Guide and Tips on general resources page for codes for all TIP measures except metabolic monitoring of adolescents, and initiation of alcohol/drug dependence treatment.
  • Two guides from 2017 contain codes for all the TIP measures (not listed on resource page above): HEDIS tips for PCPs and Tips for BH measures

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